Loligo is a blog, a consultancy, and a product development laboratory.  And it is a way for me to Women in Auto Tech (open to all women) and Test Labs (invitation only.)

The Blog is a place for me to collect and share my thoughts, primarily about connected vehicles. I’ve been in this business for over 15 years so, as a subject matter expert on telematics, I often find myself explaining what I consider “the basics” to a lot of people. I was recently asked if there is a book on telematics that explains what it is, the current state, and where it is heading.   There isn’t and thus my blogging began.

Automotive is huge and pervasive.  But I’ve come to realize that while many people drive, they don’t really think about their vehicles, how they got there, or where the industry is going.  People are sure opinionated and rightly so, but not so educated.

People seldom contemplate the complexity of the design, the manufacture, the distribution and selling process, or the disposal.   And they sure don’t think about how the technology they interact with in their car was designed, developed, and deployed.   They just tend to hate it and complain and call everyone in automotive stupid.  The Blog reflects information I have learned from experience in developing, deploying, operating, and in some cases, sunsetting, connected vehicle products.

The Consultancy is available if you are seeking professional, expert advice on telematics.  Please contact michelle@loligollc.com for more information.

Loligo develops products that we like and we want to use.  We are a collective of passionate technologists, mobile and web developers, painters, photographers, and sculptures, musicians, art lovers, and beer drinkers.

I love the connected vehicle space.   I love this path it is on toward mobility-as-a-service and full autonomy. It is hard.  It is messy.  There are no perfect solutions.  The “easy” button does not exist.  And it is totally worth the effort.   I want the full promise of the connected autonomous vehicle to become a reality.

Read on and reach out.  michelle@loligollc.com